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Not sure what plan is right for you? Take Our Medicare Quiz

Does Medicare Cover Knee Gel Injections

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Medicare will cover knee gel injections that are medically necessary.

In some cases, Medicare may also cover preventative knee gel injections. For example, if a patient is at risk for developing osteoarthritis, a doctor may recommend HA injections to help slow down the progression of the disease.

It’s important to note that coverage for knee gel injection procedures may vary depending on the specific plan that a patient has.

Medicare Advantage plans may have different coverage rules than Original Medicare. You can check with your specific plan to determine coverage.

In general, patients will be responsible for paying a portion of the costs associated with knee gel injections, even if Medicare does cover the procedure. This includes things like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance.

Patients should check with their doctor or provider to get an estimate of what their out-of-pocket costs may be. Some providers may offer financing options which can help make these procedures more affordable.

Types of gel injections for knees

There are several brands of hyaluronic acid (gel) for knee injections.

  1. Bionect
  2. Euflexxa
  3. Hyalgan
  4. Orthovisc
  5. Monovisc
  6. Supartz
  7. Synvisc, Synvisc-One and many more.

Consult with your physician about which brand of gel use for treatment. In some cases, it can be a single shot. Or you may have to get 3-5 injections spaced a week apart.

After receiving treatment, you should plan on limited weight-bearing activity for 1-2 days.

How much do knee gel injections cost (hyaluronic acid injections knee cost).

Knee gel injections cost can vary. But, on average in the United States you can expect that each injection could be about $1,200.

Remember, the amount you pay will vary based on you’re the Medicare coverage you have.

Original Medicare will cost 20% coinsurance. Knee gel injections covered by insurance will vary based on the carrier and plan you have.

If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan paired with Original Medicare your could be lower.

Medigap Plan Coverage Examples:

  1. Medigap Plan F pays 100% of all medical cost approved by Medicare. This means you pay $0
  2. Medigap Plan G only requires you pay the Part B deductible. The Medicare Part B Deductible: $233 in 2022 .

So, if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C), the cost will vary depending on the carrier and plan you have.

Talk to a licensed insurance agent today that can help determine what your insurance. Call 866-633-4427 and one of our friendly, licensed team will help you.

What is the best gel injection for knees?

It’s hard for us to say which hyaluronic acid injections are the best. People may react different and can have different outcomes.

Some studies show that a hyaluronic acid injection can be more beneficial that a cortisone injection.

What to expect when getting gel injections in knee

Common side effects may include mild swelling and pain surrounding the injection site. Remember, this injection is being provided directly into the join capsule.

Expect to have the treatment completed at your doctor’s office. The injection typically only takes a few minutes.

Before administering the injection. From time to time, physicians may decide to use Lidocaine to numb the area,

Some physicians choose to use an ultrasound to ensure the injection is being administered in the joint capsule.

After the injection, its unlikely, but possible you could experience immediate relief. In general, it could take a few weeks for the inflammation and pain to subside.

How long do knee gel injections last?

In most cases, you can expect your pain relief for 4-6 months following the injection. With the gel injection (hyaluronic injections), its recommended to wait 6 months between treatment.

Most find that injections can prolong or even prevent the need for total knee replacement.

How many times can you get gel shots in your knee?

You can receive knee gel treatment every 6 months.

Depending on the type of gel used, you may need more than one shot per treatment, administered over the course of several weeks.

Some patients have had injections done for years to help delay knee surgery.

Results may vary and its best to consult with your physician about your condition.

Are knee gel injections worth it?

Yes, you should consider gel injection as alternative treatment to a knee replacement.

Knee injections can help provide great pain relief and Medicare does cover this treatment.

Results are not always predictable and can vary, consult with your physician to see if knee gel injections are an option for you.

Does Medicare cover continuous passive motion machines?

Continuous Passive motion machines are sometimes used after having knee replacement surgery.

Medicare Part B covers this equipment for up to 21 days.

Remember, Medicare does cover some costs, but not all. Your coinsurance for the machine is 20%. The total cost you pay will be determined by the type of Medicare Plan you have.  

Medicare Plans that cover knee gel injections

Let our team of licensed agents help you find a Medicare plan to help cover the cost of gel injections.

Call us today at 866-633-4427.

Or, compare Medicare Plans online without speaking with an agent. Click one of the links below.

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Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in my area

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover cortisone shots?

Cortisone shots are covered by Medicare when deemed medically necessary by your physician. Shots administered at your physician’s office will be billed under Medicare Part B.

Does Medicare cover Orthovisc injections?

Medicare provides coverage for all types of knee gel injections, including that for Orthovisc.

Does Medicare cover Euflexxa injections?

Euflexxa is a brand of hyaluronic acid (gel) that Medicare covers. Remember, Medicare doesn’t pay 100% and you should consult with your physician to ensure treatment and billing have been aligned with Medicare accordingly.

Does Medicare pay for knee gel injections?

Knee gel injections are covered by Medicare when your physician recommends the treatment to improve or maintain your lifestyle and health.

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