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Medicare Supplement Plan G

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What is Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Medicare Supplement Plan G (Medigap Plan G) is a supplemental insurance plan that helps cover most of the costs that Medicare does not cover. This includes medical expenses like co-pays, deductibles, and coinsurance. It also covers most of the costs for Medicare Part B medical expenses.

Supplemental Plan G is a good option for those who want extra coverage but do not want to pay for a Medigap Plan F policy. The only difference in coverage is that you agree to pay the annual Part B deductible, thus, making the plan more affordable than the popular, Plan F.

If you are looking for supplemental insurance to help cover some of the costs not covered by Medicare, then Medicare Supplement Plan G may be a good option for you.

Need help choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan G policy? Give us a call at 866-633-4427 to speak with a licensed insurance agent today.

Now, time to dig in and tell you more about the Medicare Supplement Plan G coverage, Plan G cost, and more!

How do you qualify for Plan G?

If you have or are eligible for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you are eligible to enroll in Medicare Plan G.

You can typically enroll in a Medigap Plan G anytime throughout the year.

Depending on your situation, you may need to answer medical questions to qualify for Medigap Plan G coverage. Sometimes, your coverage may be guaranteed.

Check with one of our licensed insurance agents to check your eligibility for Supplement Plan G coverage.

What does Plan G Supplement Cover?

Medicare Plan G is about the most comprehensive coverage you can secure, other than Medicare Supplement Plan F. In recent years, Plan G has emerged has one of the more popular Medicare Supplement Plans.

Supplement Plan G covers hospital costs and medical costs (Medicare Part A and Part B costs).

Medicare acts as the primary payor and the Plan G coverage is the secondary payor.

Good to know: Supplemental Plan G allows you to see over 1 million participating doctor and providers around the country.

Remember, Medicare is your primary insurance, so as long as the doctor or hospital take Medicare, they are required by law to accept your Plan G (there is no network)!

Plan G Coverage Review:

  • Part A deductible (Hospital, inpatient admission)
  • Medicare Part A coinsurance and copays, including emergency room visits
  • Part B coinsurance (20%), such as doctor visits, durable medical equipment and more
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Care coinsurance
  • Foreign Travel emergency (limited coverage)
Plan G Benefits
Medigap Plan G Benefits

Medicare Plan G Benefits: 2022 Plan G Benefit Chart

2022 Medigap Plan Chart

Click here for the 2022 Plan G Outline of Coverage.

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Medicare Plan G Cost: How much does Medicare Supplement Plan G cost?

In 2022, Medicare Supplement Plan G cost will be different for nearly everyone we speak with.

When speaking with one of our licensed insurance agents, or decide to compare Medigap Plan G Rates yourself using our online quote tool (no contact information required to see rates), be prepared to provide your zip code, age, gender and tobacco use.

Medicare Plan G cost can also be lower if you are eligible for a household discount.

When comparing Medigap Plan G rates, remember, all plans are standardized by the federal government, meaning all Plan G’s work exactly the same.

The average cost of Medicare Supplement Plan G for our clients is $139 per month (That’s a savings of $444 per year in comparison to the Plan F for the same person). Some states have lower pricing and larger savings!

Our licensed agents will compare over 25 top-rated Medigap carriers and provide you with your Medigap Plan G cost comparison in just minutes. Call today, 866-MEDIGAP (633-4427).

Medicare Plan G Enrollment: How to enroll in Plan G

You can enroll in Plan G anytime throughout the year, if you have Original Medicare Part A and Part B. The best time to enroll in Medigap Plan G is the Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

Medigap Open Enrollment Period provides the luxury of skipping the health questions and having your coverage guaranteed.

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will likely have to wait until the Annual Enrollment Period to change to a Medicare Supplement Plan G (or any Medicare Supplement Policy, for that matter).

Our team is here to help from start to finish. We help compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, complete the application with the carrier of your choice and keep you informed every step of the way until a decision has been made by the insurance carrier.

As a client of Senior HealthCare Solutions, you benefit from us year-round and for the lifetime of your policy. Call or email us anytime if something arises. Or, if you just want to say hi, we take those calls too!

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Medicare Supplement Plan G: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medicare Part G?

Medicare Part G is technically Plan G. Parts should be reserved when talking about the Parts of Original Medicare (Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D).

But, don’t fret. If you are reading about Part G, know that it’s referring to Plan G.

Does Medicare Plan G cover prescriptions?

Medicare Supplement Plan G does not help cover the cost of prescription drugs. For our clients that have any of the Medigap Plans, we recommend enrolling in a stand-alone drug plan (Medicare Part D), something our licensed insurance agents also help you with.

Is Medicare Part G better than Medicare Part F?

That depends on how you compare the two Medigap Plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan F provides more comprehensive coverage than Plan G. Remember, though, the only out-of-pocket costs with Plan G is the annual deductible for Part B.

We have noticed an increase in Plan G enrollments with our clients for several years because of the lower monthly premium than Plan F.

Plan F vs Plan G
Plan F vs Plan G
What is the high-deductible Plan G?

Supplemental Plan G offers a high-deductible option that has a significantly lower premium than the standard Plan G cost.

The high-deductible Plan G provides the same exact benefits, after an annual deductible has been met.

This plan is a good fit for those that like the flexibility of a Medicare Supplement G Plan, but don’t want to pay higher Plan G premium costs.

What Plan G does not cover…

Like all Medigap Plans, Plan G does not cover services for routine dental, vision, hearing. Plan G does not cover the annual Part B deductible, nor does it cover prescription drugs.

What is the deductible for Plan G in 2022?

The annual deductible, effective January 1, 2022 is $2,490. This annual deductible is applicable on the high-deductible Plan G only.

The standard Plan G only has an annual Medicare deductible of $233 in 2022.

What is the difference between Medicare Plan G and Plan N?

When comparing Medicare Plan G and Plan N, you’ll notice that Plan G does cover more services than Medicare Plan N.

But, Plan N also has a lower premium. Plan N is a great alternative to Plan F and Plan G and our agents will provide you with the Medigap rate comparison for you to see the difference.

With a Plan N, you will pay:

  • $50 ER copay
  • Part B annual deductible
  • Up to $20 copay for doctor visits
  • Part B excess charges
Plan G vs Plan N
Plan G vs Plan N
Can I switch from Plan N to Plan G?

Yes, you can change your Medigap Plan anytime during the year that you’d like. Be sure to never cancel your current insurance before having new insurance approved.

Our team will be sure to help handle everything for you when changing your Medigap Plan.

Does Medigap Plan G cover dental, vision or hearing?

Original Medicare does not cover routine services for dental, vision and hearing. Therefore, no Medigap Plan will cover routine cost for these services.

What does Plan G cover?

Plan G covers your Part A deductible (hospital cost and coinsurance), Part B coinsurance, including durable medical equipment, diagnostic lab work and more.

Download your copy of the Plan G 2022 Medicare Plan benefits.

Medicare Insurance Companies offering Plan G

Our agency represents over 25 top-rated companies nationwide. There are big name and small name companies that you can obtain your Supplement Plan G coverage with.

Aetna Plan G, Cigna Plan G, Humana Plan G, Mutual of Omaha Plan G, United Healthcare Plan G, Manhattan Life Plan G, Anthem Plan G, BCBS Plan G and many more!

Get your Medicare Supplement Plan G Rate Comparison Today!

We’ve made it simple to compare Medicare Supplement Plan G rates and we require no personal contact information.

Click Medigap Plan G prices  enter your zip code, age, gender and tobacco use and then click “Run Comparison”.

Immediately, Medicare Plan G premiums will display with multiple Medicare carriers.

If you have questions about enrollment or are ready to enroll in a Medigap Plan, call 866-MEDIGAP (633-4427) and a licensed insurance agent from our team will assist you.

Meet Melissa MacCalla

Medicare is not simple and can be hard, frustrating, and downright confusing for most. I love when I get someone on the phone and I am given the opportunity to explain the difference in plans to them and have Medicare make sense. I enjoy talking to clients year after year, hearing about their families growing or them asking about mine.


Oh my gosh!! I was so confused about the Medicare Supplement process. I am turning 65 soon and am retired and have always had insurance thru my former employer. I didn’t know a thing about going on Medicare and was struggling to sort it all out.

A friend of mine recommended contacting Senior HealthCare Solutions, so I did. Melissa was FANTASTIC!! She was professional, responsive, caring and friendly. She explained the steps I needed to take, gathered my information, helped me choose good plans for MY specific needs and took care of my applications over the phone. 1-2-3, eesy-peesy and I was done!! And it didn’t cost me a DIME!!! WOW!!! I HIGHLY recommend Senior Healthcare Solutions for anyone who’s overwhelmed with making the right choices with Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Rx coverage. It’ll take a load off your mind!

Janice W.

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