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Not sure what plan is right for you? Take Our Medicare Quiz

A life-threatening diagnosis is scary enough! With Cancer Heart/Stroke insurance coverage, you get the cash benefits when you need them the most, allowing you to focus on your recovery. 

Did you know, in the U.S., every 40 seconds someone has a heart attack or stroke and every 30 seconds someone is diagnosed with a new cancer. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are among the top 5 most expensive to treat.  

Costs related to these conditions include: Ambulance rides, hospital stays, medical procedures and tests, prescription medicines, rehabilitation services, travel and lodging and other expenses.

Why purchase Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke Insurance?

These policies pay you a lump-sum cash benefit. Though you hope you never have to use the policy, it provides you the financial help you need when it matters the most.

Simple: Lump-sum cash benefit. You use your benefit any way that you need to!

Flexible: The plan pays in addition to any other coverage you may have.

Affordable: You choose the benefit amount that fits your needs and budget. 

Ready to learn more? Give us a call today! Our licensed agents are here to answer your questions and help find the right plan for you. 

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