Tips to prevent Medicare fraud

Con artists try to steal credit card and bank account numbers to steal money and make illegal purchases.  They may also try to get your Medicare number, social security or personal information to commit Medicare fraud.  There are many different types of Medicare fraud, but they all have the same goal: to collect money from the Medicare program illegitimately.  Health care fraud costs the nation about $68 billion anuallyProtect yourself from Medicare fraud and guard your Medicare card like it is a credit card.

A few tips to prevent yourself from Medicare fraud:

* Do not give your Medicare card, Medicare Number, Social Security card, or Social Security Number to anyone except your doctor or people you know should have it.

* Medicare will never call you unexpectedly or ask you for your Medicare Number or other personal information unless you have given them permission in advance.

* Medicare will never visit your home.

* Use a calendar to record all of your doctor's appointments and tests so you can compare them with the statements you get from Medicare.

* If someone calls you and asks for your Medicare Number or other personal information, hang up and call your agent or 1-800-MEDICARE.

We try to keep our clients up to date on any recent Medicare scams.  

Always remember to "guard your card"!