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Not sure what plan is right for you? Take Our Medicare Quiz

Veterans can use both Medicare and VA health care benefits: 

The Department of Veterans Affairs recommends that you do not decline Medicare coverage (or other health care) solely because you are enrolled in VA health care.

 Medicare and VA benefits are both government programs. You can utilize both benefits. 

  • VA Benefits: You use your VA benefits at a VA facility
  • Medicare Benefits: You use your Medicare benefits at a Medicare-certified facility

Why should you enroll in Medicare?

  • You do not live near a VA facility
  • You want the option to use a local doctor, hospital or facility instead of the VA facility
  • Second opinion outside of the VA about a diagnosis or treatment plan
  • If you are in a low priority VA group there is no guarantee that Congress will fund VA care for all Priority Groups
  • You like to travel and there is no VA facility

When is the best time to get a Medicare plan?

The best time is during your Initial Enrollment Period. You must have Medicare Part A and Part B. Once you have Part A and Part B, you will then decide on Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement plan. 

Which plan should I choose?

Choose a plan that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget. There are many plans to choose from. 

 Medicare Advantage: There are Medicare Advantage plans designed specifically for Veterans!

Many insurance companies are now offering Medicare Advantage plans with Veterans in mind. Most plans allow for these types of benefits:

  • Premium is low or $0
  • Plans have an out-of-pocket maximum to help control costs
  • Prescription drug coverage is offered in most plans, but you can select a plan without drug coverage
  • Dental benefits like cleanings, x-rays and fillings
  • Vision benefits like eye exams, glasses or contact lenses
  • Hearing benefits for hearing exams and hearing aids
  • Over the counter benefits to help you pay for
  • Fitness programs that give you gym memberships
  • These plans are HMO and PPOs. They have a network of doctors, hospitals and facilities. 

Medicare Supplement: Do I need a Medicare Supplement if I have VA Benefits?

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized by the Federal Government. The most popular plans are N, G and F. These plans have a monthly premium and have very little out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare Supplement plans have no networks. You can see any doctor, hospital or facility that takes Medicare.  The two main things to consider when you compare Medicare plans are the extent of the coverage and the costs of the plan. Medicare plans costs and coverage does vary. 

How can Veterans get help with Medicare?

We are here to help! Our agents have experience helping people just like you with navigating the maze of Medicare. We will help you by identifying top plan options for you. We do represent over 25+ top-rated insurance companies. We have helped thousands of people like you save money and/or receive better coverage. 

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