Medicare Supplement Plan HD-F:
What Is It & What Does It Cover?

Looking for a Medicare Supplement Plan with low monthly premiums and very low rate increases? The Medigap HD-F plan may be the option for you. The H”D-F” stands for “High Deductible” plan F.

The benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan HD-F are pretty straightforward. The consumer will pay his/her Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles as if on Original Medicare. Assuming each deductible has been satisfied, the consumer is then responsible to pay typically 20% of Medicare approved charges thereafter.

All payments go toward the overall plan deductible ($2,180 in 2015). Assuming the consumer satisfies the plan deductible during a given calendar year, the consumer is then covered 100% moving forward on all Medicare approved cost.

Because Medicare Supplement Plan HD-F provides the flexibility to choose any provider nationwide and consumers are already familiar with the co-pay concept and annual out-of-pocket structure, Medicare Supplement Plan HD-F has proven to be a great transition for Medicare Advantage customers that are tired of being restricted.

Medigap Plan HD-F Coverage Information

Benefits covered by Medicare Supplement Plan HD-F:

  • Basic Benefits
    • Part A (hospital) Co-insurance
    • Part B (physician) Co-insurance (generally 20% of outpatient expenses)
    • 365 additional days for hospital coverage
    • Blood deductible coverage (the cost of the first three pints of blood)
  • *Part B Excess Charges
  • *Skilled Nursing Co-insurance
  • *Foreign Travel Emergency Care

*Benefits only paid 100% after the annual deductible for the plan has been satisfied ($2,180 in 2015)

Learn More about Medicare Supplement Plan HD-F by visiting our Resources Section section and viewing Medicare Plan HD-F Coverage per benefit period and per calendar year.

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