Map of card shipping dates by state

New Medicare Cards are in the Mail!

The new Medicare Cards have already finished mailing to 16 states. When will your card arive?


Senior HealthCare Solutions has a New Site and Feel

Our clients have spoken and we have heard you! After receiving valuable feedback from clients and simply wanting to introduce a more efficient and easy way to find what you’re looking for, we have re-designed the look and feel of the site just for you. We’ve made our font larger, added more images for easy navigation, added search boxes to make what you’re looking for easier and best of all…animated videos to make learning about Medicare and Medigap Insurance Plans a bit easier to swallow. We hope you enjoy the new site just as much as we did building it for you and be sure to tell your friends about it!


Judge Blocks Aetna's $37 Billion Humana Takeover

Aetna Inc.’s $37 billion deal to buy rival insurer Humana Inc. was blocked by a federal judge, thwarting one of two large mergers that would reshape the U.S. health-care landscape. The transaction would violate antitrust laws by reducing competition among insurers, U.S. District Judge John D. Bates in Washington ruled on Monday. With the deal defeated, Aetna owes Humana a $1 billion breakup fee under the terms of the merger agreement.


Medicare’s Beneficiaries Could See Their Premiums Jump 22% Next Year

The nation’s 65 million Social Security beneficiaries will receive a 0.3% cost-of-living adjustment to their monthly checks in 2017, the government announced Tuesday. In dollars and cents, it means the average retired beneficiary’s check will rise about $5 to $1,360 per month in 2017.


Villages Health Kicking Out Patients Who Don’t Sign Up For Their Insurance

The Villages Health will no longer accept new or existing patients who have Original Medicare with supplemental insurance starting Jan. 1.

That means patients with Medicare supplemental plans, also known as Medigap policies, will have to find new doctors or switch to The Villages Medicare Advantage plans through United Healthcare.

“Because our superior care best aligns with Medicare Advantage, we have decided to no longer accept Original Medicare with a traditional Medicare Supplemental policy for all new and existing patients,” stated a July 12 letter to patients


CMS Announces Medicare Premium and Deductible for 2017

The Medicare part A (hospital) deductible has been increased by $28 from 2016 and is now $1,316. Co-Insurance and nursing stays for Medicare part A have also increased and are now $329 for service days 61-90 and $658 for lifetime reserve days while nursing home stays at up to $164.50 for days 21-100.


Ceo Martin Shkreli Has Announced Plans to Now Lower the Price of Daraprim

Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, has announced plans to now LOWER the price of Daraprim. Turing just acquired the drug in August for $55 million and raised the price of the 68 year old anti-infection drug by more that 4000%. The price of ONE pill was only $13.50 and now costs $750 per pill!!